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About us

Neonux makes high end, handmade LED neon signs. Creating a unique vibe for every occasion and location.
By giving our customers the tools to design their own sign, we want to give them the opportunity to creatively express themselfs and let them create their own vibe through light. We do not just sell products, we sell a vibe, a feeling, a mood,... By doing so, we want to spread love and joy for our customers and the people around them.
Make your own LED neon sign and 'Light up your life' 

Neon sign business

How did we start making neon signs?

It all started when our founder, Thomas, was looking for a unique present. He stumbled upon a website where you could order pre-made neon signs. "After ordering I saw that the quality was poor, espacially for the high price. After doing some research i decided to start my own webshop to provide high quality products for an affordable price. We guarantee high end quality by working with modern and durable worldwide facilities. By giving people the ability to design and customise their own unique sign, you are giving them a way to express themselfs. That's something you can't do with normall lighting."

Neon sign business

LED neon vs normall neon

We decided to go with LED neon signs for numerous reasons:
- Affordability: Much cheap in production and easier to replace light tubes.
- Durability: LED neon flex is made of high quality, flame retardant PVCs and is flexible. Tradition glass neon is fragile and can break easily.
- Energy efficiency: Lower power usage: 24V/120V vs 3KV-18KV, wich means LED neon has a lower electricity cost and greater safety
- Easy to install: No specialist required to install
- Lightweight and portable
- Lifespan: 50.000 hours vs 10.000 hours

As you can see, there are reasons enough to choose for a LED neon sign instead of a glass neon sign.

If you have any doubts or questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We are available 24/7 for you!

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